7 Tips for the Perfect DIY Spa

11th February 2018

When you want to look your best a day of DIY spa treatments is the unrivalled choice —but it is far from cheap. My favourite alternative is to create my own luxury spa treatments in the comfort of my own home and now you can do the same. So I’ve rounded up a collection of my best DIY Spa at-home treatments for you to indulge in yourselves.

This wonder product is great for providing shine, strengthening hair and deep conditioning. Leave it on overnight to reap real benefits. Coconut oil is fantastic, it can also be used as a body and face moisturiser and is excellent when used as a butter substitute in baking.

I love Lucy Bee Coconut oil (great for cooking healthily with too)

Here’s what to do:

You’ll need: 1 cup coconut sugar(or brown sugar will do) 1 cup coconut oil

Fully combine both of the ingredients together and then whilst in the shower massage into wet skin. Apply medium pressure and massage using slow circles. Rinse off. Your skin will soft and strokeable. Perfect for a pre Valentines Day DIY Spa treat. Trust me your partner will love it!

DIY spa

Make fruit infused water.

To make: Just add slices of your fave fruits to a glass of water. Lemon, mint and cucumber is a good choice and has the added benefit of boosting your immune system, aiding with digestion and improving your skin.

DIY spa

Just fill a bowl with very hot water and hold your face 10cm away with a towel draped over your head to keep the steam in. This DIY Spa treatment opens up the pores and draw out impurities. Steam for 5 – 10 minutes.

DIY spa

To treat your feet, slough off dead skin from heels and remove calluses with a Callus Remover Foot File – follow with a moisturising foot soak (fill a bowl with water and add in a few drops of tea tree oil. If your feet need it you can follow up with a DIY Spa foot scrub.

DIY spa

Two ingredients are all you need. Applying a DIY Spa face mask feels amazing and can do wonders for your skin. One good combination is mixing spirulina powder with a small amount of water. Leave on for twenty minutes or until hardened. This combination will help your skin glow and rehydrate. To treat dry skin, a mixture of yogurt and honey works wonders.

Other great combinations are:

  • Mashed avocado and banana
  • Coconut oil and honey

DIY spa

Relaxing in the bath is the perfect way to let all the treatments sink in and just relax. Add epsom salts to your bath to help relax your muscles. Light some scented candles and make sure the water is hot – play some relaxing music to really reap the benefits.


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